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High-Performance and Energy-Efficient LED Sports Lighting

National E Solutions is a design and installation partner with Ephesus/Eaton who is a leading provider of top-quality LED Sports lighting and controls in the United States. Offering expert design and build solutions to create turnkey LED sports lighting systems for arenas and stadiums, our team of experts located in PA installs premier LED sports lighting solutions and high-mast lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor sports venues all over the United States.

Arena and stadium lighting require the highest-performing lighting systems for excellent visibility for both players and fans while meeting HDTV requirements. Our LED sports field lighting services include complete sports lighting project management from the beginning design phase to the final commissioning of the project. We specialize in LED sports field lighting in PA, NJ, DE, and throughout the region for both new field construction where no power exists and retrofitting for existing and outdated outdoor sports lighting.

The Ephesus line of high-output solid-state sports lighting solutions, manufactured by Eaton, is ideal for a broad range of lighting applications. From youth ballfields to indoor and outdoor professional venues, we install these innovative advanced lighting solutions to create brighter, more vibrant and sustainable sporting environments. Hundreds of facilities have switched to Eaton’s LED sports lighting system in recent years including: University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals); Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Dolphins); PNC Park Stadium Lighting (Pittsburgh Pirates); Bridgestone Arena Lighting (Nashville Predators); and the historic Martinsville Speedway in Virginia — the first NASCAR track with LED lighting. Others include Arena LED Lighting for the Philadelphia Eagles Indoor practice field, Altoona Curve Baseball Field Stadium Lighting, and many college and high school football stadium lighting, basketball arena lighting, and baseball fields stadium lighting. For more information on other LED Sports Lighting installations, visit

National E Solutions is a proven, experienced partner with Ephesus/Eaton

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Franklin & Marshall College

J.F. Kennedy High School

Retrofit Lighting Solutions

National E Solutions employs expert lighting certified designers who can upgrade or retrofit your existing venue from older, inefficient HID lighting to state-of-the-art sports lighting for maximum energy savings, lower maintenance requirements, and minimum environmental impact, while delivering sufficient light levels for optimal player safety and visibility for spectators. Call our company to inquire about our 100% turnkey services which start at discovery and design audits and continue all the way through installation and final commissioning.

See a before and after of the Eagles Training Center below:


Color Changing – Color Tuning

Don’t settle for basic lighting. Add excitement to your venue with color changing, themed lighting solutions. Color LED luminaires take the fan experience to a whole new level, and Ephesus Color Changing LED systems offer unparalleled capabilities and custom effects to make the excitement of the lighting second only to the game.

Arena Prism LED Sports Lighting

National E Solutions is the first and only company to call for a new, cutting-edge LED turnkey lighting project. As masters of both commercial LED lighting and industrial LED lighting, our team knows how to effectively solve any facility’s lighting problems. Our LED sports lighting designers deliver cost-effective, environmentally sound lighting with smooth operation and less maintenance.

led sports field lighting installed in pa

How can an LED sports lighting upgrade or retrofit benefit your venue?

The innovative color-temperature tuning technology allows our lights to be easily adjusted to deliver picture-perfect lighting for all sports and special events your arena hosts. It is entirely HDTV compliant and exceeds even the high lighting standards of professional basketball (including dramatic light cut-off). It’s the perfect solution for any professional or college arena. With advanced controllable color-temperature tuning technology and full-spectrum RGB capabilities, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

  • Energy savings to increase your ROI
  • LEED Points
  • 100% financing options mean no upfront investment
  • Flexible, smart lighting systems adapt for the task – no energy waste

Franklin & Marshall

Flexibility with Wireless Controls

LED Lighting Makes its Super Bowl Debut

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