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Intelligent Lighting Control Systems for the Connected Workspace

lighting control system installed in pa

Enlighted Lighting Control System installation takes the workplace to another level, creating fully-responsive, fully-personalized, and fully-connected workspaces. Its data-rich architecture uses sensors to provide unparalleled insight into occupancy and movement to deliver maximum energy efficiency.

Global Energy Optimization (GEO)

The Enlighted Lighting Control System uses sensor profiles for each individual floor of your building to allow you to observe building occupancy in real time. Heat maps show where people spend time while motion trails show how people move through the space over time.

Enlighted real-time data determines needs, saving you up to 90% on the energy costs of your business.

Enlighted offers energy saving in 3 areas:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Space


Enlighted Lighting Control Systems are the most intelligent lighting control systems available today. Using an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, the system connects a network of industrial LED lighting or office building lighting to Enlighted patented sensors to create an analytics platform. Data is collected 65 times per second to detect environmental and occupancy changes and determine lighting needs in real-time.

Energy Consumption Map for Lighting System for One Floor

Analysis of Energy Consumption for Lighting System by Space Category


The Enlighted Lighting Control System Aire application is the industry’s first to save your operation energy by supplying demand-driven heating or cooling solutions. Using the data collected by the Enlighted advanced distributed sensor network and occupancy application, Aire allows facility managers throughout Pennsylvania to direct cooling or heating in real time to the space where occupants are working.

The system provides a default schedule for each space that can be customized based on occupancy.

View sensor configurations for different zones and create new zones with specific HVAC profile.


The Enlighted Lighting Control System Space application can provide accurate and useful insight into building usage, detailed occupancy views and patterns using data collected by the Enlighted’s advanced Sensor Network. Non-intrusive, the application provides detailed views of workspaces and employee movement that can be used to increase productivity, optimize workspaces for higher utilization and drive cost-saving initiatives.

Each building has a profile in the Enlighted system with sensor profiles for each individual floor allowing you to observe building occupancy in real time.

Heat maps show where people spend time, not how they move through space over time.

Motion trails shows how people move through a space over time.

IoT Applications

Advanced Building Control Applications for Smart Buildings

Enlighted Lighting Control System installations for smart buildings in Pennsylvania enable commercial buildings to significantly decrease energy and space costs while also improving occupant comfort and employee safety. Enlighted solutions have already been installed in over 135 million sq. ft. of enterprise space using applications ranging from lighting and HVAC energy savings to space optimization, safety and security.

IoT System

Making Buildings Smarter Using Sensors, Data and Analytics

The Enlighted Lighting Control System is the simplest and most advanced way to manage your building’s physical environment. This patented technology automates, analyzes, controls, and reports the building’s environmental data and empowers you to lower energy costs, maximize space and increase the productivity and well-being of occupants.

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