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Intelligent Lighting Solutions for All Types of Industrial Work Spaces

Industrial LED Lighting by National E Solutions offers superior light quality where it’s needed most at your facility. From industrial steel and paper mills to food processing plants, chemical plants, and a range of manufacturing and production facilities, our company installs the high-performance lighting solutions you need to get the job done. Industrial LED lighting must withstand sometimes hostile work environments that punish standard lighting equipment. National E Solutions have the experience needed to address these industrial environments with the correct LED Industrial lighting solutions based on the temperature of the space, the task of the workers, explosion proof ratings of the environment.

It is critical to ensure industrial hostile or hazardous workspaces that require explosion proof lighting are retrofitted exactly as code requires. Our industrial turnkey design and installation services provide solutions for industrial LED lighting needs in all environments from indoor low bay task lighting to high bay indoor industrial workspaces and even outdoor chemical tank farms.

Instant on-off capabilities and consistent lighting performance increase the productivity and workplace safety of any facility. Intelligent controls and adjustability combined with maintenance-free operation lead to excellent energy efficiency and savings that are evident for years.

industrial led lighting solutions installed in nj

Turnkey Solutions for Industrial Locations

National E Solutions and its contractors are committed to installing high-performance, professional-grade outdoor lighting solutions for industrial workplaces. From energy-efficient, high-value lighting fixtures to mounting brackets and high mast lighting poles, our company fills the needs of just about every industrial industry that relies on lighting to keep their facilities safe and productive. We are committed to exceeding the service and delivery expectations of our customers to provide the most value in industrial LED lighting.

Outdoor industrial LED lighting is one of our many specializations. Tank farms, ports, truck yards, and rail yards offer opportunities to improve safety and security with LED industrial lighting. Any industrial LED lighting project can be serviced with our installation team of experienced lighting installers, no matter the environmental or building demands.

We offer comprehensive turnkey projects for both industrial and commercial LED lighting projects that include design, products, high reach equipment, labor, and even the installation and commissioning of LED projects at industrial facilities. We also offer customers 100% funding options for their projects and full utility rebate management for the projects that could potentially earn utility rebate incentives that could offset the cost of the project.

Expert Industrial Lighting Solutions

Our solutions for industrial lighting projects start with discovery audits which we build into projects. Our turnkey proposals show energy efficiency savings and kWh reductions as well as annual CO2 reduction to demonstrate the positive environmental impact industrial LED lighting turnkey projects can have on the environment.

Bundle It: Industrial LED high bay and task lighting, LED office lighting, LED parking lot lighting, and even electric vehicle charging stations, our industrial facilities lighting projects can be combined with other lighting projects as well as the installation of industrial vehicle charging stations to save you money.

Since National E Solutions has been in business in Pennsylvania for over ten years, we have completed industrial lighting installations in just about every type of facility including office buildings, parking garages, chemical plants, hospital pharmacies, steel mills and paper mills, shipping ports, rail yards, food production facilities, hotels and classrooms. We have worked many Pennsylvania towns and cities as well as New York, New Jersey, Delaware and many other states across the country for our national accounts. With our new line of high output high mast LEDs we are positioned for the challenging environments of both military and municipal airport lighting for their tarmac, aprons and parking lots and parking garages.

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