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National E Solutions and ChargePoint™

Providing Top-of-the-Line Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

National E Solutions is a proud ChargePoint Partner™, designing, installing and supporting the technology that powers this growing network.

As more drivers choose efficient, environmentally sound electric cars, an increasing number of homes, commercial properties, and public buildings are seeing the value of installing electric vehicle charging stations. As a ChargePoint Partner™, National E Solutions can help you join this rapidly growing network of electric vehicle charging stations with the industry’s leading technology and most comprehensive support system.

National E Solutions Designs and Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for All Commercial, Government, and Workplace Applications

Drive ‘traffic’ to your business with an electric vehicle charging station for your clients or customers.

Offer employees electric car charging while they work.

Demonstrate your community’s commitment to reducing fossil fuels with a public electric vehicle charging station.



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Learn more about ChargePoint™ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Your Home, Business or Community

National E Solutions has a long history of excellence serving customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. From commercial LED lighting projects to high-performance industrial LED lighting solutions, our team has a track record of installing high-quality lighting systems and more for a wide range of PA, NJ, and DE businesses. In recent years, we’ve been providing the region with industry-leading turnkey electric vehicle charging stations for a variety of facilities, including office complexes, retail and hospitality businesses, multi-family homes, and parking areas at shopping centers, airports, and many other locations.

Workplace electric car charging stations installed for employees in PA, NJ, and DE can increase productivity, reach sustainability goals, provide an added company benefit, and help achieve LEED points.

Retail and hospitality electric vehicle charging stations increase sales by attracting new, loyal customers and maximizing the time spent at your business. Customized software can help build customer loyalty at your commercial property by creating an additional incentive for guest to choose your business over your competitors’.

Multi-family homes in PA, NJ, and DE benefit from electric vehicle charging station installations by attracting and retaining tenants with electric vehicles. With convenient connectivity software built into the ChargePoint stations as a standard feature, only designated and approved users can take advantage, which is ideal for living facilities with shared charging stations. Scheduling is a breeze for multiple users and all completed easily on the cloud via the driver’s smartphone. Adding electric vehicle charging stations for tenants with electric cars can also reduce vacancy rates and increase base rent potential.

Parking garages that offer electric vehicle charging can attract more and recurring visitors. This special benefit positions your parking garage ahead of others as the world trends toward electric vehicles. By attracting new customers and retaining old ones, electric vehicle charging stations can drive revenue up for many parking lots and garages.

electric car charging stations installed in pa

Danene Sorace Lancaster PA Mayor and Larry J. Cohen Lancaster Parking Authority Executive Director cut the ribbon on April 20th 2018, Earth Day Celebration, with the beginning of electric vehicle charging stations for the parking public. LPA worked with National E Solutions on a turnkey installation project that started with seven electric vehicle charging stations in six different parking garages in downtown Lancaster, PA.

Installation of fleet electric vehicle charging stations helps to reduce fueling costs, reach sustainability goals, and integrate management and tracking of associated vehicle costs. For fleets that travel the same route within a regional parameter, it is only a matter of time until all the vehicles in the fleet will be electric, so installing an electric charging station for your fleet now can pay dividends in the future.

National E Solutions will help get you started and get you to the finish line with our 100% project management that includes discovery, design, sale and installation, commissioning, support, and 5-year parts and labor service warranties. As part of our turnkey service, National E Solutions can also offer 100% project funding for capital-free projects.

Combine the installation of your electrical vehicle charging stations into an outdoor parking lot or parking garage LED Lighting and Controls project using our 100% funding option. Let the energy savings pay the project back over time while enjoying a positive cash flow generated by the energy savings.

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