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The National Leader in Intelligent High Mast Lighting Solutions

National E Solutions provides high mast LED pole lighting in Pennsylvania and throughout the region for many applications. Many of these high mast lighting systems throughout the country are still using old, inefficient HID metal halide or high-pressure sodium bulbs. Ephesus Eaton LED offers high clarity, high visibility lighting for the rigid requirements of airfields and the dangerous workload of shipping ports and rail yards. National E Solutions offers full turnkey projects of either retrofitting an existing, older high mast lighting system or designing and installing a new LED high mast light poles.

Retrofitting High Mast Light Pole Solutions

The National E Solutions certified lighting designers can upgrade or even retrofit your existing high mast light poles from older and energy-inefficient HID lighting to state-of-the-art LED high output lighting systems for maximum energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and minimized environmental effects, while delivering clean Kelvin daytime lighting levels. High mast light poles retrofitted for shipping ports, airports, rail yards, and highways offer improved visibility and energy savings, moving from HID high-pressure sodium to clean daylight LED, which requires no maintenance and minimal lumen depreciation over years of operation.

Retrofit projects in Pennsylvania may even qualify for energy rebates, which National E Solutions is able to include in a total turnkey project. Call us to inquire about our 100% turnkey services for high mast light poles, which start at discovery and design audits and include everything through installation and final project commissioning.

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Designing and Building Turnkey Projects for High Mast Lighting

National E Solutions, partnering with Ephesus/Eaton, is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and installers of LED high mast pole lights and controls. We design and build turnkey solutions for high mast LED lights at both commercial and industrial venues and locations that require the most demanding lighting needs for superior visibility.

High mast light pole turnkey projects are common for airfields, municipal fields, depots, shipping ports, rail yards, tank farms, and other commercial and industrial applications. Our high mast light pole turnkey services include complete lighting project management, from the beginning design phase to final project commissioning. We specialize in lighting services for both new construction projects, old facilities needing to retrofit existing, outdated lighting to new high mast light poles.

Eaton manufactures its Ephesus line of high-output solid-state industrial LED lighting solutions for a broad range of applications, from municipal ball fields to indoor and outdoor professional venues and airfields and ports. These innovative, advanced lighting solutions create brighter, more vibrant and sustainable environments and continue to drive the rapid acceptance of high-performance lighting at commercial and industrial venues of all sizes across North America.

From high-quality LED sports lighting to lighting for warehouses and other business applications, our team of lighting installation experts knows how to provide premier lighting solutions to any facility. Call us today to learn how we can help supply your lighting needs.

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