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Instant, Intelligent Commercial LED Lighting for Your Most Critical Work Spaces

Commercial LED Lighting by National E Solutions delivers superior quality lighting where it’s needed most. From office buildings, classrooms, and laboratory settings to warehouses, parking garages, and even hostile or hazardous work spaces that require explosion proof lighting, National E Solutions provides the highest-quality commercial LED lighting solutions to meet any demand.

Our commercial turnkey design and installation services provide flexible solutions for commercial LED lighting needs in all environments, from indoor low bay task lighting to high bay indoor commercial workspaces and even airports and airport parking areas.

Commercial LED lighting with instant on-off capabilities and consistent light output help to increase workplace productivity and improve overall safety, while intelligent controls and adjustable, maintenance-free operation maximize energy efficiency and savings that last for years.

Turnkey Solutions to Keep Your Business Moving

As part of our company’s commitment to giving you the high-performance, professional-grade lighting solutions you need with minimal disruption to your daily operation, we install ready-to-use turnkey solutions for a wide range of commercial facilities. We also offer 100% funding for our projects and full utility rebate management for projects that could potentially qualify for monetary incentives to help offset the cost of the services.

Starting with discovery audits which we build into projects, our turnkey proposals show energy efficiency savings, kWh reductions, and annual CO2 reduction to demonstrate the positive environmental impact commercial LED lighting turnkey projects can have.

Using Occupancy Sensor saves energy and money in distribution centers and warehouse.

LED highbay commercial lighting installation at a distribution center in PA. Over 600 HID metal halide fixtures were removed and replaced with 560 highbay LED commercial lighting fixtures equipped with occupancy sensor controls. National E Solutions built this project from discovery to installation using our experienced Lighting Installation crew for a turnkey lighting solutions project. This project will save over $140,000 per year in reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Lighting Your Facilities Inside and Out

Just about every commercial industry relies on lighting to keep their facilities safe, their employees productive, and their customers content. Our professional lighting designers and installers provide comprehensive commercial lighting services for all types of energy efficient highbay lighting, highmast pole lighting, building security lighting and all other indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We also install new poles from 15 feet tall in a condominium community parking lot to extreme highmast 100 feet tall at football stadium or airport.

Our company is committed to exceeding the service and delivery requirements of our customers in PA, NJ, and DE to provide the best value in outdoor lighting. Areas such as parking garages and parking lots and airports with high mast lighting require dependable, high-performance yet energy efficient lighting. Improve appearance, functionality, and security with commercial LED lighting for parking areas and other outdoor commercial spaces. We install high-performance LED high-mast lighting for airports or railyards as well, and even do LED sports lighting for many outdoor athletic facilities. Any commercial LED lighting or industrial LED lighting project, no matter the size, can be completed by our seasoned team of expert Lighting Installers.

Bundle projects and save. Commercial LED lighting projects for office buildings in PA, NJ, DE, and many more can be combined with parking lot lighting projects and even the installation of Commercial Vehicle Charging Stations to help you get the best value for your budget.

The Types of Facilities We Service:

  • High Bays
  • Hangars
  • Industrial Production Areas
  • Mills
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Warehouses/Distribution Centers
  • Chemical Plants with Hazardous Ratings
  • Parking Lots
  • Condo/Apartment Complexes
  • Retail Stores
commercial lighting installed in company in de

We also help seamless rollouts for franchises and organizations with multiple facilities throughout the region or country. Whatever the industry demands or building limitations, our team has the expertise to provide exceptional lighting solutions.

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