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National E Solutions is an authorized distributor of Altapure

AP-4™ High Level Disinfection System (HLDS)

The AP-4 ™ is an enhanced ultrasonic sub-micron aerosol technology that will consistently kill 100% of pathogens on exposed surfaces including spores in large treated spaces. Patient rooms are ready for reoccupation in less than 50 minutes leaving no residue and ending green.


The AP-4 ™ is a single mobile unit platform, with a combined sub-micron aerosol output device and environmental air re-processor system. The dense sub-micron aerosol delivers gas-like performance that offers three-dimensional coverage and high-level disinfection, in hospital areas such as: patient rooms, ICUs, NICUs, isolation rooms, and operating rooms.


  • Average Particle size = 0.69 micron.
  • Size: L = 52”(132 cm), W = 25”(63.5 cm), H = 44”(112 cm).
  • Ruggedized construction using all food grade materials.
  • 100 – 120VAC/20A 50/60Hz, all global standard input options are available.
  • Treats up to 5,000 cubic feet with one machine (adjacent
  • rooms included / variable time).
  • One year parts and labor warranty.

How Does It Work?

The dense sub-micron aerosol delivers gas-like performance that offers three-dimensional (3-D) coverage and treatment in large areas, multiple connected spaces, complex geometries, long horizontal and vertical runs, and the various surfaces within these spaces, including any equipment or objects located therein.

The result is a complete coverage and treatment of all exposed surfaces within the treated space(s). Independent, third-party research confirms that the AP-4 and PAA will achieve a 100% kill of C. difficile and other pathogens such as bacteria, spores, fungus such as C. auris, and viruses, reducing the risk of infections to both patients and hospital staff.

An Advanced Ultrasonic Technology Delivering Submicron Aerosol

  • 6 Log+ elimination.
  • Rapid Process – 50 minutes or less, patient room turn time (entry to exit).
  • Immediate occupation of room after treatment cycle ends.
  • Low % ingredients: Only 0.88% H202 and 0.18% PAA.
  • Process meets EPA definition for Hospital Disinfection / Sporicide.
  • Gas-like Performance & Large area coverage.
  • Extremely thin film deposition with sub-micron droplet performance.
  • Single compact unit (aerosol generator + vapor removal system).
  • EPA approved cold sterilant.
  • Wireless control and data reporting.
  • Integrated HVAC vent control system.
  • 100,000+ Hospital deploys with no equipment damage.

Remote Operation

The AP-4 ™ is remotely operated using a small and lightweight, hand held “Control Tablet” that is touch screen activated. It communicates via wireless means with one or more AP-4 ™ machines and ancillary devices. The wireless Control Tablet is approved for use in all medical, industrial, and scientific environments.

The Control Tablet displays system status including all fluid levels, and has thermal paper printer capability for cycle validation.  The Control Tablet can also wirelessly connect to a PC, for data and report downloads.  If lost or damaged, the Control Tablet is easy and economical to replace.

Remote operation allows the AP-4 ™ to be operated and monitored from outside of the treated space, eliminating the interaction between your staff and the high-level disinfection process.

vs The Competition

Altapure’s submicron droplet aerosol sets itself apart from fogging technologies in several ways. The most prominent is our droplet size and dispersal method. Foggers use nozzle technology yielding droplets somewhere between 7-100 microns which translates to long turn-around times, inconsistent coverage and wet surfaces that need to be wiped down. Altapure’s patented ultrasonic technology yields submicron droplets at a density of 3-5 trillion droplets/cubic foot. This means our aerosol behaves more like a gas and fills spaces getting into every nook and cranny achieving consistent complete coverage and a total kill of all pathogens.
Specific to COVID-19, Altapure has a unique advantage over other systems because our process saturates the air with our disinfectant and then passes all the air in the room through a robust dehumidification and carbon filtration system. This is also what makes our process faster than any other
method. Unlike other foggers that have long dissipation and re-entry wait times, the Altapure patented technology turns over rooms quickly with immediate reentry upon cycle completion.

Independent Studies Show: Rapid, Complete Kill

Altapure’s process delivers a complete kill of viruses, bacteria, and bacterial spores, in less than 10 minutes of exposure. Treated surfaces have been clinically proven to show “no growth” for bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria, and viruses. An independent laboratory has established that the Altapure process has a D-Value of 2.3 – 2.6 minutes (meaning a 90% kill within only 2.3 to 2.6 minutes of treatment) for Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. Killing G. stearothermophilus indicates a similar kill for Clostridium difficile. Altapure’s treatment process is rapid, providing room turnovers in under fifty (50) minutes (Exit to Entry) for a common patient room.

The Altapure PC-R.E.D.

This portable compact unit has been developed for Rapid Environmental Disinfection. The rugged case can go anywhere and provides the same high level disinfection performance as our flagship AP-4.

Key Features:

  • Total space high level disinfection
  • Rapid kill and elimination of spores, bacteria, and viruses
  • Sub-micron aerosol: gas like performance with 3D coverage
  • Food safe, non-toxic and biodegradable, no residue chemistry
  • Easy to maneuver and portable
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Safe for all electronics and equipment
  • Compatible with all Altapure
  • Accessories
    • HVAC control system
    • Scrubber Buddy

Ideal For:

  • First responder vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Triage Tents
  • Firehouses
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Subways
  • Medical exam rooms
  • Any sealable space