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This last decade has brought us incredible advancements in the world of electric vehicle charging. Evolving technology has helped to make these vehicles more reliable, efficient, and allow them to become mainstream. In fact, according to GreenTech Media, there was a surge of drivers deciding to go electric in 2018, leading to an 81% increase in the purchases of EVs. Clearly, the electric car revolution is here to stay.

It’s not just drivers who are benefiting from this revolutionary technology. Parking lot and business owners across the country have also seen the value in the EV revolution in the form of electric car charging stations, and many have been installing them around their properties.

As a top-rated provider of electric car charging station installations in PA, National E Solutions understands these stations provide significant benefits, like adding revenue for a parking lot, increasing their value, contributing to lower emissions, and even getting some tax incentives. If you’re considering adding one to your property, then precisely where to place it in your lot can be critical. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices.

1. Consolidate Them

If you’re thinking about installing more than one EV charging station, then it’s best to group them together and keep them as close as possible to electrical distribution panel, since they’ll need access to data lines and power. But for particularly large parking lots, or ones with more than one entrance, it might make more sense to have them split, one at each end.

2. Make Them Visible

Always make sure that your EV charging station is visible, not only to those already in the parking lot, but those driving by if possible. This is crucial to attracting attention for EV drivers, and should also include other clear indicators like signage as well as icons and arrows painted on the asphalt surface.

3. Keep Them Close

In most cases, it makes sense to keep the electric charging spots as close to the business’ entrance as possible. This results in a good user experience for electric car drivers. In fact, many states even prohibit the use of these spots for non-EV drivers.

4. Consider the Power Source

Ideally, an EV charging station should be installed in close proximity to data lines and power sources. However, extending electrical service is possible, and can be an alternative when installation near a source isn’t feasible.

Have more questions about where to install your EV charging station? We’re the electric vehicle charging installation experts in PA, and we can help. For more information, give us a call today at 877-799-1840.

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