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It’s one of the biggest and most exciting events in collegiate sports. Since 1939, when the University of Oregon beat Ohio State University 46-33 for the title, March Madness has grown exponentially in size and popularity, becoming one of the most anticipated yearly pastimes for students and sports fans across not only the country, but around the globe as well.

But if you’re not getting all the action under sophisticated LED sports arena lighting, then you’re not seeing the whole picture. LED technology has the ability to enhance just about every aspect of the game, from the player introductions, to the halftime show, and of course, the gameplay. Regardless if you’re a facility manager, player, coach, or fan, LED lighting solutions present the perfect way to revitalize any sports arena and improve the experience for all participants.

As the professional sports lighting company in PA, National E Solutions understands the dramatic and thrilling effect that LED lights can have for just about any arena event, and especially for college basketball during March Madness. Here’s how LED lighting solutions can add even more excitement and energy to your sports facility.

The Clear Choice

LED lighting can illuminate small details in the game that were never seen before, especially by fans at home watching it on TV. While more traditional lights haven’t kept up with advances in broadcasting technology, LED lights are brighter and clearer, allowing fans to actually see their favorite athletes and connect with them on an emotional level. Additionally, these lighting solutions can also increase the ability of the coaches and players to see the action on the court. With more uniform lighting and reduced glare, LED lights provide athletes with optimal visibility, allowing them to perform at their highest level.

Pump Up the Crowd

LED systems feature theatrical color changing themes that provide a visually entertaining and engaging experience for spectators both at the game and watching from home. By utilizing these color-changing capabilities, you can pump up the crowd by flooding the court or field with your team’s colors, create a light show to accompany pre-game or halftime performances, or highlight a sponsor or even a charitable cause. With LED solutions, you can make a truly immersive and memorable experience for your team’s fanbase.  

Check out one of our recent LED lighting projects in Hagen Arena at St. Joseph’s University:

Fully Customizable

With high-tech and sophisticated but easy-to-use controls, operators can fully adjust not only the color of the lights, but their temperature as well, all to reflect the mood and type of particular event taking place. With such versatility, this helps to provide an entirely unique experience for fans. Plus, LED lighting solutions aren’t just for enhancing live sports events. These systems also have a wide range of non-sports applications, such as other school events like graduations and concerts.  

Because they need to be responsive to many needs, sports lighting systems should meet several criteria. Creating optimal visibility isn’t just critical for athletes, but for fans as well, to get them immersed in the action and to create a one-of-a-kind experience for all participants.

For more information on how LED lighting solutions can transform your sports facility and create a true spectacle for your fans, call National E Solutions, PA’s trusted sports lighting contractors, at 877-799-1840 today.

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