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As one of the leading industrial lighting companies in PA, our team of lighting design and installation experts at National E Solutions are taking the industry of turnkey lighting systems to the next level. This includes revolutionary advancements in commercial and industrial lighting systems, all of which have extensive financial and environmental benefits.

What is a turnkey lighting system? At National E Solutions, it means comprehensive service and systems management that doesn’t interrupt daily business operations. Turnkey systems can be broken down into four components: discovery, design, installation, and maintenance. Aside from providing both small- and large-scale lighting solutions, we go above and beyond for our clients by increasing workplace safety and productivity with their customized projects.


During the first stage, the discovery audit, our team of experts will perform a full assessment of your commercial property. This process includes a full facility lighting level and lighting energy evaluation, with measurements of the current lighting system lumen output and energy consumption to discover where energy is being wasted and where there are safety concerns.


The second phase, design, is where all of the data from the audit will be thoroughly assessed. Our design team will create a unique blueprint to ensure total energy efficiency and proper lighting throughout the facility, all while sticking to your budget. We will not only design the turnkey system, but we’ll also provide a savings calculation and funding options for the project.


During the installation process, we will coordinate a designated time to begin installing your cutting-edge turnkey lighting system when your daily business operations will not be impacted. Whether it’s hundreds of LED high-bay lighting fixtures or high mast pole lighting, our team of expert installers will have your new system up and running quickly, with the least disruption possible.


Aside from the energy efficiency savings and reductions of CO2 and kWh, our lighting professionals are available to provide support or maintenance on the system.

Incentives and Rebates

Installing eco-friendly and efficient lighting systems can even result in a refund from utility companies. National E Solutions is able to calculate these rebates and include the amounts into your ROI. In many cases, we can advance the credit against your purchase order so you don’t have to wait for it after the project is finished. We understand that you may even want the project spread out over a couple of months or more, and we’re happy to accommodate all plans and budgets.

In addition to offering the highest quality turnkey lighting systems, we also specialize in outdoor LED sports and security lighting, government and military lighting, as well as electric vehicle charging stations installation for the workplace. For more information on our industrial lighting contractors in PA, please call us at 877-799-1840 or visit today.

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