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At National Energy Solutions Inc., we work with sports venues to design and install intelligent lighting solutions. Our clients want to impress fans, look good on TV and pay less for their monthly energy bill.

That’s why we have formed a partnership with Eaton, the leading American manufacturer of sports lighting and controls. Hundreds of facilities have installed Eaton’s Ephesus line of LED sports lighting solutions, including:

  • US Bank Stadium
  • University of Phoenix Stadium
  • PNC Park
  • Bridgestone Arena
  • Williams Field at Duke University

If your stadium or arena is still using old metal halide lighting, then you will be amazed by Ephesus’ innovative technology!


Get More Brightness with Fewer Lights

One 600W Ephesus LED generates more light than an old 1000W metal halide. High light levels promote better player performance and make sure that fans can see all of the action. Also, these brilliant lights can turn up to full brightness in an instant.


Look Great on Big Screen TVs

These lights are outstanding for live television. Sports facilities can achieve HDTV recording of up to 1,000 frames per second through Ephesus technology:

  • Unique lenses with a uniform ratio of light
  • Controlled color temperature
  • Reduced glare
  • Superior slow motion
  • Flicker-free lighting


Put on a Show

With Ephesus lighting solutions, you can create a customized light show. Lights can flash and dance, and this organization even offers a colored LED luminaire that provides full-spectrum color flooding.


Watch Your Savings Pile Up

These innovative LEDs are energy-efficient and can reduce your lighting bills by up to 90%. Since LEDs are ideal for the environment, federal and state government organizations have also established several incentive programs to encourage their use.


Don’t Worry about Maintenance

These easy-to-install lights are also maintenance-free, with no moving parts that will wear out over time or traditional light bulbs in need of replacement. They come with a 10-year warranty, and they have a lifespan of over 225,000 hours — more than 25 years!


Take Control of Your Lights

Wired and wireless control systems, along with optional web interfaces and remote controls, allow you venue to manage this complex light system effortlessly.

Are you ready to upgrade your old stadium lights to state-of-the-art Ephesus LEDs? Find out more about the benefits of these cutting-edge lighting solutions when you call our team at National Energy Solutions, Inc. at 877-445-5900!

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