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We all know the impact that weather, field conditions, and spectator involvement can have on the outcome of a professional sporting event. And while it’s true that these are crucial factors, there’s another underappreciated aspect to live sports — lighting. In fact, with the proper lighting, it can enhance and improve the collective experience shared by fans and players.

At National E Solutions, Inc., we provide lighting solutions for everything from municipal ball fields to professional sports stadiums. And regardless of the job, we approach them all with the same level of professionalism and excellence.


Sophisticated Lighting Solutions

New advancements in technology have allowed us to reassess our options for lighting stadiums. Older, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting can be inefficient and ineffective. And it can cost you more in the long run when seasonal re-lamping is taken into consideration. Making the switch to light emitting diodes (LEDs) creates an intelligent solution to this problem through sophisticated design.

In fact, as part of our comprehensive approach to stadium lighting solutions, we’re partnered with Ephesus/Eaton, the industry-leading sports lighting manufacturer in the U.S. With these high-quality and state-of-the-art LED lights, we can provide our customers with lighting that’s low maintenance and good for the environment.

And those are not the only benefits of setting up a new or retrofitted lighting system with National E Solutions, Inc. In fact, upgrading your stadium lighting can provide more clarity and excitement for fans on the field and off.


For the Crowd at the Stadium

Having first-rate lighting can allow fans much more than just better visibility; it can offer them a truly memorable spectating experience. With our stadium lighting solutions, we can create lighting designs that are uniform and glare-free for the folks in the seats. Some models are even programmable for flashy player introductions and halftime shows.


For the Fans at Home

We feature high-tech LED lighting systems that are already optimized for broadcast in crystal clear HD and even Ultra HD. This results in flicker-free and uninterrupted home broadcasts, offering sleek views of all the action.


For the Players On the Field

Improving your lighting design isn’t just about making it brighter for everyone watching. It’s also about improving player safety and performance through refined visibility. Not only does this allow players to reach their full playing potential, but it also creates a more exciting shared experience.

At National E Solutions, Inc., we can light up any game, from beer league to big league. Let us create your customized stadium or ballfield lighting design.

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