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EV Usage is Expanding Rapidly

Today, electric vehicles (EVs) make up just 0.2% of passenger cars worldwide. Out of the 263 million vehicles on American roads, 540,000 are EVs. While it might be small now, the electric transportation market is growing fast.

In 2016 alone, EV sales jumped 37%, and charging stations increased by 36%. These vehicles are estimated to make up more than ⅓ of global vehicle sales by 2040.

Why are Drivers Switching to Electric?

There are many benefits to driving EVs:

  • Fuel savings of approximately $13,000 during the EV’s lifetime
  • Fewer maintenance costs
  • Lower prices for high-range vehicles
  • Does not generate harmful CO2 emissions

Some people are hesitant to go electric due to one primary concern: What happens if an EV driver is far from home, almost out of juice, and unable to find a place to charge?

Could Your Business Benefit from an EV Charging Station?

ChargePoint is making it easy for businesses to install public charging stations and for drivers to juice up their vehicles. Many organizations are now working with ChargePoint partners like National E Solutions, Inc. to set up these fantastic community resources.

“Drive” Customers Right to Your Business

Leading retailers like Walmart and Whole Foods offer free EV charging because they know that it increases shopping time in their stores. A charging station will also draw in additional customers, particularly in high traffic areas.

Stand Out From the Crowd

If EV drivers are traveling, which hotel do you think they’ll choose? The big chain with a pool or the little B&B that has a charging station out front? This idea extends to other markets, as well. A charging station will provide a competitive edge that helps your business stand out.

Show a Commitment to Going Green

Many millennials are interested in supporting environmentally-friendly organizations. Installing an amenity that encourages a “green” practice will generate positive buzz and demonstrate great company values.

Take Advantage of Incentives

Your business may be entitled to tax benefits, loan incentives, and government subsidies that reduce the cost of installing a public charging station. Explore some of the options available to you at ChargePoint’s website.

In Pennsylvania, National E Solutions, Inc. is the only authorized distributor of ChargePoint. To start designing an EV charging station for your business, call us at 877-445-5900!

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